Staff members, board members, volunteers, program recipients, donors or other supporters may nominate a nonprofit for a Mission Award through an online nomination form. Printed nomination forms for the Nonprofit Mission Awards are available upon request for those unable to complete an online nomination.

Nominations are due by May 30, 2013, at 4 p.m.

Award Criteria for all Nonprofit Mission Awards

In each category, nominated organizations should meet the specified criteria, listed below.

  • The achievements of the organization must have taken place within the last two years.
  • Nominated organizations must be based in Minnesota, even if their work serves populations outside of Minnesota.
  • Nominees must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Coalitions of nonprofits may apply, provided the lead organization is a 501(c)(3) organization. Government entities, business entities and individuals are not eligible to apply
  • Organizations may be nominated in more than one award category, but must submit a separate nomination for each category, and must meet the criteria specific to each award.  Nominations that do not meet the criteria will not be considered.
  • Organizations may self nominate, apply on their own behalf or be nominated by a supporter, donor or someone else familiar with the organization’s work.
  • Supplementary material will not be accepted.
  • Multiple applications for one organization in the same category are discouraged, and will not improve the selection chances for the nominee.

Nonprofit Mission Award for Innovation Criteria:

This award recognizes creative applications and nontraditional approaches to solving community challenges. Nominated nonprofit innovations should

  • Bring solutions to community challenges by using current solutions or strategies in new and creative ways or by bringing new solutions to a common problem;
  • Focuses on doing things differently, rather than just doing things better;
  • Takes new ideas and implements them successfully with measurable outcomes;
  • Employ a variety of strategies in developing these solutions; and
  • May collaborate with other nonprofit organizations, businesses and governmental agencies in their efforts.

This award is intended to honor true innovation in the work of a nonprofit. To be considered for overall excellence, please consider nominating your organization for the Nonprofit Excellence Award.

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Nonprofit Mission Award for Anti-Racism Initiative Criteria:

The Anti-Racism Initiative Award recognizes an organization that actively engages audiences in anti-racism activities. Nominated organizations should:

  • Work to eliminate prejudice and racism in society;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to pluralism and inclusively; and
  • Develop unique and thought-provoking strategies to combat racism.

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Nonprofit Mission Award for Advocacy Criteria:

This award recognizes advocacy as one of the most effective and unique roles of nonprofit organizations. Nominated organizations should:

  • Implement an effective advocacy strategy;
  • Demonstrate success in its advocacy efforts; and
  • Have a significant impact on the organization’s constituency.

Coalitions may apply, though coalition work is not a requirement to receive this award. Nominated coalitions must identify all major coalition partners, and identify a lead organization for the purposes of this nomination. Types of advocacy work honored in this category could include: systems change, legislative action, civic engagement, grassroots advocacy, etc.

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Nonprofit Mission Award for Responsive Philanthropy Criteria:

This award recognizes the partnership between funders and nonprofits in mobilizing resources for public benefit. Nominated organizations should

  • Be responsive to citizen initiatives;
  • Recognize public policy issues and long-term strategies to fight problems; and
  • Commit substantial resources to disadvantaged people and Minnesota communities through a process of dialogue and partnership.

This award is intended to honor the work of private foundations, community foundations or corporate giving programs in Minnesota. Please consider nominating a funder using this short nomination form. Staff will then contact the nominee for further information to be used in the selection process.

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